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Marin County came in second in being named the healthiest county in California in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s annual ranking of the state’s 58 counties. Marin County came in second behind San Meteo, a slight drop from being first last year and the six years before that. Still, second is nothing to turn their nose up at, being near the top out of almost 60 counties in the entire state. Reports say the county remains at the top in health because they focus on a wide array of areas that would affect someone’s overall health and well being such as employment, family, education, support and safety. The authority in county health rankings said that the data collected provides a small insight into the health of not just an individual but the community, this information is then used by organizations to decide what areas can be improved on and requires more attention to improve health. The supervisory board for the county health rankings said their goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment for their residents, and although there’s much

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Hawaiian Kona shaved-ice


A Novato couple brings the iconic shaved ice truck franchise to Marin County to keep residents cool for the summer with Kona Ice. This unique snow cone truck is a tropical paradise on wheels, bringing the Hawaiian flavor and feel to any place it stops. The truck is eco-friendly, with a solar-powered refrigerator, and offers a wide variety of flavors that is both tropical and exotic. The Kona Ice truck driving duo moved to Marin County, California about two years ago and met while they were studying finance, marketing, and all areas of running a business in college. After getting married, they settled down in Florida to raise a family.  There,  one of them was offered a chance to work in one of the major California bay area cities.  The couple jumped on the opportunity and fell in love with the Marin County area. The couple always wanted to start their own business, falling in love with the idea of having no boss to answer to. They considered a variety of options before deciding on the Kona Ice franchise because of

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home garden flowers and grass


The Marin Master Gardener takes the opportunity to educate the public about flowers and pollinators at this year’s Marin County Fair, with a theme of “Let the Funshine in.” The Master Gardener’s goal is to share their love of flowers and local plants, as well as educate the public about pollinators and their role in the local eco-system. Their presentation consisted of showing people how pollination works, why it’s so important for plants, and how that impacts our lives.  It also, of course, explained why certain pollinators are endangered while providing tips on what people can do to help them. The Marin County Master Gardener is taking flower power to a whole new level but literally showing people the power that flowers can offer. This fun, festive, flower themed fair gets locals outside to enjoy the famous California mild climate and beautiful sunshine, as well as local plant and pollinators. This event is packed with several tents with the same garden theme that focuses on different aspects of pollination. The Marin County Fair also had people showcasing how plants/flowers have evolved

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Marin County Business

Mary Jane A Growing Business

It’s no secret that Marin has tried for years to stop the advances of the marijuana industry from making any progress.  But despite all its opposition, all marijuana consumers continuously fight to bring legalization to Marin County. Even though the neighboring areas outside of Marin County are more openly accepting of the controversial plant, the product has to travel through Marin because the 101 highway remains the main highway that runs through the county and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Most residents seem to prefer that the drug remain a secret vice, opting a “don’t ask, don’t tell” type of acceptance that would differ greatly from other areas who are more accepting.  Most residents are comfortable adopting the idea that if they don’t see it out in the open, that it doesn’t really exist in their hometown. A big name influencer in the marijuana industry for Marin County is a 62-year-old woman named Lynette Shaw, dubbed the Queen of Green and the Godmother of Medical Marijuana, who has been a known dealer to some of Hollywood’s big names in the 80s.

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A Marin County city has been in the spotlight as of late for having the highest paying pension rate in the state of California with over 18 percent. According to financial research and reports, the government’s budget is a limited resource. Experts in this area say that money that is designated to go to one area cannot go to another and if one city is spending nearly $1 out of $5 they bring in on pension payments, a significant amount of money becomes unavailable to more substantial public services such as road work, law enforcement, and library resources. Reports show that Marin County made more than $19 million in pensions and brought in almost $106 million in revenue. That being said, the financial officer for this city said the high ratio is a result of the city’s vigorous efforts to eventually retire its pensions entirely. According to watchdog and advocacy groups, the city is said to be among the 20 cities where the contribution to proportion is much more than 10 percent.  Officials say that anything more than 10 percent is

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